Product Medium & Delivery Method

CBD products continue to gain popularity in a variety of forms, delivery methods, flavors, scents and formula combinations for desired benefits. From tinctures to balms, lotions to gummies, pet chews to powders, tablets to capsules, we formulate and innovate. Just ask us!

CBD products

As consumers interest in holistic health grows and they continue to search for natural remedies, CBD seems to be the solution for the future. The shift includes an increase in oral remedies and an explosion in hew markets - face mask, topicals, tinctures and more.

CBD Market Research Report
December 2018

"According to the Nutrition Business Journal, domestic sales of CBD/hemp oil products reached $287 million in 2018, a dramatic increase of 57% over 2017."

Natural Hope Network 2019 CBD Hemp Summit Report

"Retail sales of CBD/hemp based products are anticipated to reach between $1.9-$2.3 billion.

The penetration of CBD products into the mainstream, brick-and-mortar retailers will accelerate. More retailer will begin stocking CBD products, and retailers that already stock CBD products will put them in more of their stores.

The increased prevalence of CBD based products in retail will expose significantly more consumers to the category, a portion of which will incorporate CBD into their daily nutrition and wellness regimens."

2019 CBD Fact Book - Hemp Industry Daily, Anne Holland Ventures