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About Mineralife

Mineralife Nutraceuticals is a partner for innovators and brands creating high quality, cost-effective CBD based products and nutritional supplements that enhance the health and quality of life for customers.

Do you require a turnkey solution or an established partner experienced in creating, manufacturing, or copacking?

Whatever your specific needs, Mineralife’s capabilities have you covered.

Our Experience

Mineralife has a dedicated team of professional with over 70 years of combined experience in manufacturing, FDA compliance, product development, research and custom formulation, supply chain management, and packaging, ingredient sourcing, and product security in nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and food and drug.

In addition, Mineralife's founder Neil Butterfield has been sought out as an CBD manufacturing industry expert by media outlets, including ABC and Sport Medicine Radio.

We exist to deliver superior quality, effective, affordable nutritional products thereby creating a healthier community that enjoys maximum health.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Manufacturing Client

Hunter Huffman

VP Operations, H3 Ventures

Working with Mineralife has been one of the best business experiences I have ever had. Where most people take days or weeks to respond with unhelpful information, I get
responses with questions within the hour and they bend over backwards to help get the job done. Working in the CBD industry, most businesses don’t care to do any critical thinking. When starting a new product and finding the right solution, it might take several attempts. Mineralife make sure it only takes one attempt. Each step is closely monitored, to make sure all aspects are in the best interest of the client. Mineralife is a company that measures three times and executes once. It is hard to find a better more professional group of people out there.

I use Mineralife products because I am clear that the company has completed their due diligence in taking the time to understand ingredient function, digestion, absorption, and assimilation in the human body. In other words the products are very well thought out in their and production practices and as a result, I get the results I am looking to create for my clients every time I use them.


Nichola Burnett

Registered Dietitian &
Functional Medical Practitioner

Who Works With Mineralife?

Every business and brand has a vision for their own products. Our clients range from physicians, to fitness brands, to entrepreneurs, to wellness companies, to small businesses, and everything in between.